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We are a Cloud Service Provider offering a platform for Real-time multi-channel communication within the internet browser.

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Our BrowseTel WebPhone is a simple phone working through your browser. WebPhone is our free interaction point and you can use it for inbound and outbound communication needs. You can have more interaction points managed under your account that are connected with call supplementary services to your destinations. All contact center and call functionalities can be used through BrowseTel.com WebPhone connected to our cloud platform.

Conference room

Inside BrowseTel.com platform you can host conference rooms with up to 8 attendees. Attendees will receive unique call button and pin for entering your conference room directly through browser. You will also be able to activate additional channels to present your products with the help of co-browsing functionality.

Click-to-Call Buttons

Our easy to use interface can help you to generate Call Us Buttons for your digital assets like websites or applications. With simple code you can integrate your connected click to call button into your website. You can customize the button's look to fit into your page overall design. You can also integrate one button to more different sub-pages and easily connect the assets to your BrowseTel.com interaction points.

QR Codes

BrowseTel.com platform can generate unique QR codes with the same functionality as call buttons. You can integrate QR codes to printed materials, business cards and TV commercials to offer Scan 2 Call option for your prospects. You can connect QR code calls directly to any of our interaction points to establish direct communication.

Your new communication gateway

Click-to-Call + QR-to-Call + Voice Mail + Video Conference + Virtual Business Card

We believe that WebRTC is the technology of the future.

Solving all communication needs when connected to global IP infrastructure and synced to BrowseTel.com cloud solutions. We are connecting your multichannel presence, funneled directly to your contact center services through a variety of platforms. Voice, video and data messages connected to your webphone inside your browser on multiple devices or platforms, equipped with advanced web, marketing and contact center services is the key solution that is changing the corporate communication environment.

WebRTC is available in Chrome's stable version.

WebRTC is available in Firefox's stable version

  • "Every day human communication depends on electricity and data transfer"The way we communicate today is the result of evolution and we are a part of it for the past 20 years. Today we concentrated all our knowledge to superb communication products and we succesfully deliver innovation and new experiences to both the corporate and personal world